Guide list

Elastisch documentation is organized as a number of guides, covering all kinds of topics.

We recommend that you read these guides, if possible, in this order:

Getting started

An overview of Elastisch with a quick tutorial that helps you to get started with it. It should take about 10 minutes to read and study the provided code examples

Mappings and Indexing

This guide covers:

  • What are indexes
  • What are mappings
  • How to index documents
  • How to define mappings with Elastisch
  • Advanced mapping settings
  • Different kinds of analyzers
  • Operations on indexes: refresh, optimize, snapshot, etc
  • Other topics related to indexing


This guide covers:

  • How to perform search queries with Elastisch
  • Various kinds of queries
  • Various kinds of filters
  • Highlighting of search results
  • Other topics related to querying


This guide covers:

  • An overview of aggregation features
  • How to perform aggregation queries

Facets (Faceted Search)

This guide covers:

  • An overview of faceted search
  • How to perform queries with facets
  • Other topics related to facets


This guide covers:

  • What is percolation
  • How to register a query for percolation
  • How to perform a query percolation
  • How to unregister a query from percolation

Routing and Distribution


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